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In Part 1 of this article series, we have seen some of the basic configurations of log4net framework to configure error logging in Asp.Net applications. The log4net framework is designed in such a way so that we can customize it to any level to fit in our needs. In this part, we will see more about customizing the log4net framework which will be more useful in real time applications.
Logging is one of the most inevitable parts of any application we develop. Any application when deployed to production should have a proper logging framework that can log the errors to a viable source in order to get more information about the error for debugging purposes.In this article, we will see how to integrate and use log4net logging framework in ASP.Net applications.
CKeditor is one of the most widely used WYSIWYG editors for web applications. Overtime, the CKeditor continued to evolve by adding new features that made HTML text editing a lot easier.When using a WYSIWYG editor, we will often need to upload image to server and embed it in the HTML content. In this article, let’s see how we can upload image to our website and embed it in CKeditor without using the above paid solutions.
This artile will list some of the search engine optimzation techniques for websites.
Asp.Net control set has a set of validation controls that offers input validations without writing a line of code. Often the functionalities provided by the validation controls are suffice to satisfy the validation requirements in our projects.
My previous article, Sorting in ListView control in Asp.Net - Using DataSource controls demonstrated sorting on the ListView data when using datasource controls. In a real world application, most of the time we will end binding the ListView control ourselves without depending on the datasource controls for variety of reasons. Moving forward, let’s understand how to deal with this challenge and implement a working sorting feature on the ListView control when manually binding the data from codebe
ListView control is one of the most preferred and powerful databound controls when it comes to displaying data. ListView control allows developers to customize the data display to any layout in addition to its inbuilt capabilities like CRUD support, sorting and paging with very less code. Moving forward, let’s understand how to develop sorting feature in the ListView control when using DataSource control along with ListView control.
Image cropping is a technique where a portion of a larger image can be selected and cropped from the original image. This cropped image can then be used separately for our use. There are large numbers of software available for this type of image editing like Microsoft paint, Picture manager etc. At times, we may want to provide a feature where we can allow our website users to upload an image and crop a part of the image from the original image. Moving forward, let’s understand how to achieve th
It is obvious that we will segregate the related files in different subfolders in our project solution. Sometimes, we may organize the files based file types, or based on the project modules, etc. This brings in some complexities when you want to link a file (IMG, hyperlink, etc) in different folder using its path. Most often, we face issues when we are displaying images or adding hyperlinks in master page when the target image or page is in different folder. Moving forward, let see more about t
HttpUtility is the class library provided by the Asp.Net consists of set of methods which are useful in developing web applications. The utility mainly provides methods for encoding and decoding urls useful for processing Web Requests. In this article I will be explaining in detail about each method by quoting some real time scenarios where actually these methods are useful
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