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It is the IIS registration tool that is used to register the ASP.Net with IIS. This article will helps us understand the usage of the tool and configuring side by side execution.
ASP.Net 2.0 provides a simple way to map a long URL to a short URL through Web.Config settings. This article will help you understand this feature with a simple example.
RSS feed is an xml formatted document that gives the capability to the users to read frequently updated contents on our websites without visiting our site. This article will help us consuming the RSS feed in
Authentication and authorization is one of the most important modules when we develop any applications. LoginView control will be very much useful when we use roles with forms authentication. With LoginView controls we can show or hide controls based on the user’s authenticated status.
There are some frequent queries that are being asked in most of the forums and UG’s regarding datagrid. I have compiled a list of useful tips from my previous posts and posted it here.
HttpContext object holds information about the current http request. In detail, HttpContext object will be constructed newly for every request given to an ASP.Net application. Also, this object can be very well used in our application to solve some of problems which I will discuss in this article.
This article have 2 parts. Part 1 will give you an introduction about all the datasource controls and it explains how to use SqlDatasource controls in ASP.Net 2.0. Part 2 of this article deals with the ObjectDataSource and XMLDataSource controls.
MembershipProvider automatically encrypts most of the sensitive information such as password, secret-question-password.
If you want to use ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider on your website to manage users specially the password reset functionality, you will also need to create few attributes in the active directory schema for the USER object.
GridView is one of the most commonly used controls in ASP.Net applications. There are large numbers of tasks that can be done through gridview control. This article will help us to achieve some of the handy things that can done with Gridview control.
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