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This article explains on how to host multiple ASP.Net sites developed on different versions on a single IIS server.
The word Dataset does not need introduction because it is one of most commonly used object in .net world. So proceeding with this assumption, a typed dataset is an object that derives from Dataset class and additionally it provides strongly typed access to its containing tables and columns.Read more in this article.
When our site grows drastically day by day it is hard to provide a better navigation facility. ASP.Net 1.x does not have any controls to support this very easily. With the introduction of ASP.Net 2.0 we have set of Navigation controls that provide easy navigation facility very easily.
ASP.Net 2.0 Validation control has some new features that make developer life ease. One of the feature is the “Validation Groups”.
In ASP.Net 1.x, we use Panel controls to hide and show a group of controls. ASP.Net 2.0 comes with a couple of new controls called Multiview control and View control to do this task easily. Let us explore how to use the Multiview controls in this article.
We can embed image in email body using LinkedResource class and AlternateView class that is packed with System.Net.Mail namespace. We will see how to achieve this in this article
In this article i will explain how to create a EXCEL file from dataset using XSLT without any dependency on the server side components.
In ASP.Net 1.x days an ASPX page cannot be posted to a different ASPX page. ASP.Net 2.0 overcame this drawback by giving us the feature of cross page post back.We can now post an ASPX page to a different page with minimal effort.
This article will discuss on how to display an image stored in database field i.e. a BLOB field. As we know displaying an image from a database in Gridview is not a straight forward task. I will use power of HttpHandler to do this task easily.
This article details on making the grid selectable so that it will more user friendly for edit,delete and select operations in ASP.Net 2.0.
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