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In this section we will cover Use case diagrams,Class diagrams, object diagrams and sequence diagrams from interview perspective.Unified Modeling Language, a standard language for designing and documenting a system in an object-oriented manner. We will see ome of the interview questions and answers for it in this article.
To enable row selection in GridView, we can either include a Button control or CheckBox control. For example, selecting a row item to delete. Using CheckBox control will give a better user experience than a Button control and it is user friendly when we require multiple row selections. We can include checkbox in every row of GridView to enable selection of that particular row. Read more in this article..
Exporting data to excel sheet is one of the common feature we will provide for a data driven website. We will normally provide reports in a webpage using GridView control. So, it will be better if we provide an export to excel functionality with the GridView itself. This article will helps us in doing it.
There are so many tasks or operations that are repeatedly used in ASP.Net applications. This article will list some of the useful tasks that we can use in our application extensively.
We continue the part 3 series of design pattern interview questions.We will cover in this section state pattern, strategy pattern, visitor pattern, visitor and strategy pattern, adapter pattern, and fly weight pattern.
GridView with thumbnail Images, Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series discussed how to generate thumbnail images from the Images stored in database. I thought of continuing this article series with Part 3 which is aimed to generate thumbnail images from the images stored in a file system instead of database.
There are some sites in internet who are displaying the time taken to process the request given to the server at the end of every page. This article will help us to implement this feature in our sites. This helps a developer to understand how much time it takes to complete the processing of a particular request which he can use for performance check.
Storing images in database BLOB field and displaying it in ASP.Net page is one of the common tasks we do in projects. Asp.Net itself does not have an in build control to bind the image stored in database. This week Microsoft have released a new control called ASP.NET Generated Image control to display image in ASP.Net page. This article will give you a kick start on this control and some of its features.
This article targets developer community to have some of the rudimentary knowledge on deployment of ASP.Net application on IIS 6.0.Virtual Directories and Creating it.Application Pools, Creating Application Pools and why it is used?Use of service accounts in App Pools.web.Config Settings and using Web.Config Settings for debugging errors.Common hindrance we may possibly face during deployment and resolutions.
Authentication is one of the important modules in any ASP.Net site we develop, unless and until there is nothing private on the site or something we explicitly know as being unnecessary. . This article will explore the implementation forms authentication using in ASP.Net 2.0.
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