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Extension method is a new feature introduced in C# 3.0. It is a feature where we can add new methods to an existing type without modifying the original source and recompiling it.
The Numeric Converter allows you to convert a number of any bases to another base.
This article demonstrates using the windows API FileOpen Dialog to get a user's file selection.
Arrays are an extremely important part of any programmer's code library. There are static and dynamic arrays. This article discusses these two types of arrays and includes examples of each.
What is an array?In simplest terms, an array is an organized collection. It can be a collection of anything. The important thing to remember is that it is a collection. This example uses an array of system.drawing.color.colors to change the background color of a windows form.
LINQ to Objects means that we can use LINQ to query objects in a collection. We can access the in-memory data structures using LINQ. We will see more about this in this article.
A delegate is a type that references a method once delegate is assigned a method; it behaves exactly like that method. The delegate method can be used like any other method, with parameters and return value.Any method that matches the delegate’s signature.
Represents the method that defines a set of criteria and determines whether the specified object meets those criteria.
We continue the part 2 series of design pattern interview questions.
Parameters in C#, Part - 7 of this article series will help us understand, passing the parameters in C#. This part will concentrate on Parameter Arrays with an example wherever necessary.
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