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ASP.Net Ajax
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In my previous article Using Authentication Services in ASP.NET AJAX for Forms Authentication we have understood how to use the authentication service to provide forms authentication in ajax applications. Most of the times, we will also have number of roles to provide different set of permissions to different users. The ASP.Net AJAX Extensions 1.0 released for ASP.Net 2.0 does not have an inbuilt service like authentication service that provides roles support. The next version of ASP.Net AJAX th
Debugging AJAX using Microsoft AJAX Library, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox,Developing AJAX applications that involve complex client-side programming and communication with the server side raises the need for equally complex debugging tools and techniques.
Caching,It’s nothing but a thought kind of memory. Application,Its nothing but similar to Session with a bit difference that is Session objects have scope within a particular session while application objects having scope within entire application.
In Part 1, we have seen how to make AJAX calls through POST and GET method using JQuery library. , In Part 2 of this article series, we will see some of the advanced usages of JQuery with ASP.Net AJAX application.
JQuery is a light weight JavaScript library which provides fast and easy way of HTML DOM traversing and manipulation, event handling, client side animations, etc. One of the greatest features of JQuery is, it supports an efficient way to implement AJAX applications because of its light weight nature. This article series will help us understand the usages of JQuery in implementing AJAX applications.
Rating control is one of the web controls that are packed with the AJAX control toolkit. This Rating control provides a capability to rate an item and this rating can be used to judge the item’s credibility. We can also limit the maximum rating through the MaxRating property of the Rating control. Moving forward, we will see about how to set tool tip for the Rating control.
My previous article in authentication service gave an introduction on authentication services in ASP.Net AJAX and it discussed the implementation of authentication services using the default webservice. We can’t use the default webservice which uses the membership provider and membership database in our real world project. To overcome this difficulty, we will develop our own webservice that authenticates the user against our own database in this article.
Authentication is one of the important modules in any website we develop, unless and until there is nothing private on the site or something we explicitly know as being unnecessary. To provide Forms Authentication in ASP.Net AJAX, Authentication Service is packed with the ASP.Net AJAX framework as a web service, which is exposed to the client through a web service proxy script.
My previous article, Ajax Control Toolkit – Introduction provided a basic knowledge in Ajax Control Toolkit. Moving forward, we will learn more about Asp.Net Ajax and Ajax Control Toolkit. In this article, we will implement a sharepoint list style GridView with the help of DropDownExtender control in Ajax Control Toolkit.
My previous articles on ASP.Net AJAX helped you to understand the basics and implementing AJAX applications in ASP.Net. This article is aimed to provide some tips and tricks that very useful while implementing ASP.Net AJAX applications.
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