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ASP.Net Ajax
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UpdateProgress control provides a mechanism where we can inform user that the server side processing is still progressing. For example, we can provide a “Loading…” message or an image showing the progressing of the request. This article will give you more inputs on how to use the UpdateProgress control very effectively in our projects.
Ajax Control Toolkit is set of server controls created by Microsoft and community to work with ASP.Net AJAX applications. It is available as separate download in site. This article will give an introduction on extender controls and on how to use these extender controls that comes with Ajax Control toolkit in our projects.
By default, whenever there are any error occurred in the server side processing using ASP.Net Ajax, the error message is notified to the user using a message box (alert). The error message that is displayed on the message box will be the actual error message contained in the original exception’s Message property.
The implementation of AJAX enabled application is made easy with the help of 2 new controls called UpdatePanel control and ScriptManager control in ASP.Net AJAX framework. This are the two primary controls that makes AJAX happen with very less effort. This article will help us understand the usage of these two new controls by implementing a sample application.
AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX can be used for asynchronous request/response processing in a web application without refreshing whole page in the browser. To implement AJAX enabled application, Microsoft released a framework called ASP.Net AJAX.
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