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Article Guidelines

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Team CodeDigest extends its hearty thanks to you for considering for publishing your articles. In doing so, you will be actually helping out so many techies like yourself around the world. Just imagine! You will now be like a huge beacon to all techies across the World Wide Web. Writing out articles like these on sites like ours, besides enriching all of us, will also augment your presentation skills and refine and improve your viewpoint on core technical issues…not to mention the copious recognition amidst technical virtuosos world over. Don’t you like the idea of so many people acclaiming your capability to go beyond what others do mundanely? What’s more, it even forms a part of responsibility to be able to give back something to the developer community. It will go a long way amplifying your credibility too.



1.      Plan well before penning your article. A word document will suffice. Sufficiently explain your topic and lucidly arrange your code. Use hypothetical scenarios to supplant your explanation. It helps readers visualize and understand the problem better.

2.      If including screen shots, make sure their resolution does not exceed 1024X768.

3.      Don’t try to replicate others ideas or other stuffs available on the net or somewhere as it will make you to suffer legally since it is a breach of copyright.

4.      The article need not be lengthy. It should be complete in all regards. A working code snippet documented inline and expedited throughout is definitely a great idea. You are welcome to publish small length articles like these. Lengthy articles are also welcome. It will help readers to get a panoramic one stop briefing on the issue they have at hand.

5.      Spell check your articles for typos. It should be correct in all respects. Authenticity is mandatory.

6.      Including a Reference section that has the all the links, book name you referred for writing this article is highly appreciated.

7.      Make sure your article is understandable, simple and it is without any errors.

8.      Include your source code as a zip attachment if possible.

9.      You can either upload your article on our site through “Submit Article” section or email it to Ensure you are already registered to CodeDigest.Com and including your registered email id when sending your article in mail.

10.      Once we receive your article it will be reviewed and published within 3 days.


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