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There will be requirements where we need to import the content of a DataTable object to a table in SQL server. Normally, we will do this by forming separate insert query for each data row in DataTable and firing it over the SQL server using ADO.Net.
Lazy loading is a technique, pattern where a data is loaded only ondemand or only when it is required in order to increase the program efficiency, performance, etc.
LINQ to SQL is new component that is released with .NetFramework 3.5. LINQ to SQL provides a way where a developer can manage a relational database object as a .net object. In simple terms, it is an ORM (Object-relational mapping) that is used to manage a back end object as a front end object in object oriented way i.e. relational to object oriented type system.
With .NET 4.0, the CLR supports covariance and contravariance of types in generic interfaces and delegates. Before dwelling into these new changes, let us get a quick view on the concept of variances in simple terms. Read more.
LINQ - Language Integrated Query is repeatedly used in these days. The presented article is elaborating the idea "How to describe a LINQ Query".
What is Anonymous Type Equality? If two or more anonymous types have same order, number and member declaratory type and name then the same anonymous type is defined. So, its permissible to use the referential equality operator on these types.Now let’s see the other face of the coin means of any of order, number and member declaratory type and name is different then different anonymous type is defined for each. Then it throws compiler error while testing referential integrity.
Programers of Visual Basic the keyword 'var' is confusing here as the type variants was used in Visual Basic.
IntroductionIn a simple words Constructor is nothing but a method, a special kind of method of a class, which gets executed when its (class) object is created.Now, let’s take above in broader sense, a constructor is a class method automatically executed whenever class’s object is created or whenever class is initialized. Consider following bit of code:
This article deals with the development of a little game called “Paddling Ball” using WPF technology and is just a demo-like game that uses minor user interactions with not so much of graphical items in it.
This article explains how to use the ProtectMemory and ProtectData classes in System.Security.Cryptography namespace to encrypt and decrypt data by calling wrappers around DPAPI methods.
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