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Internet has become one of the most important and widely used communication medium in this modern world. Be it knowledge gathering or information sharing or social networking, internet plays a vital role. Since everything is automated and people wants everything to be done sitting in front of the computer, the internet age has also brought more threats and security nightmares on our web assets in the form of hackers, spammers and automated bots and viruses.
At times, we may have requirement where we need to upload the data in a excel sheet to a SQL server table. Moving forward, let’s understand how to perform bulk upload of the data in excel sheet to SQL server table in ASP.Net.
Regex has been the most popular and easiest way of writing validations. The only big problem with regex has been the cryptic syntax. Developers who are working on projects with complicated validation always refer some kind of cheat sheet to remember the syntaxes and commands.
Cross-Site scripting which is commonly called XSS attack is a vulnerability that can be found on any web applications. Using this vulnerability, an attacker can take advantage on your application and insert some malicious script that will get executed automatically to accomplish whatever the attacker wants. Moving forward, let’s understand the XSS attack and the ways to prevent XSS attack in ASP.Net applications.
We know that when we open an internet site and move from one site to another site ¬the browser maintains the history of pages visited so that when the user clicks on back and forward buttons on top he can go to the previous sites/pages visited. Earlier it was not possible to maintain history for asynchronous postbacks done using updatepanel and scriptmanager. Now the enhancements in Asp.Net 3.5 ajax extension made the developers job easy to maintain the browser history for asynchronous postbacks
Reporting is one of the crucial parts of any data oriented application. These reporting often provide a visual understanding of the business by consolidating the data and sometimes, it also helps to understand it in-depth by drilling down the reports. Moving forward, let’s see how to use this chart control in ASP.Net application.
Normally when we want to access the webservices asynchronously using javascript, we need to write the client side javascript framework which runs some hundreds of lines of code. This makes the developer job tougher with the issues like mantainence, exception handling and requires many man hours to achieve this. Microsoft Ajax framework provides the utilities via ScriptManager to access the webservices from javascript code. Using the ScriptManager of the Microsoft Ajax the developer job is made e
Sometimes, we will get requirements where we need to zip the files at runtime before sending it to the client side. For example, if our application allows users to download multiple files at a time it will be better if we can zip it as a single file and make it available in a single download instead of downloading them individually. Read more..
Autocompleteextender is a control which is part of Asp.Net Ajaxtoolkit and can be attached to any textbox control. The Autocompleteextender displays the popup to show the words that start with typed words on the textbox. In this article I will be discussing about the main features of AutoComplete extender and how it works in conjunction with scriptmanger to achieve the intended functionality.
If you consider any application it will have some settings that should be configurable easily for the application to function. Moving forward, we will understand how to create custom configuration sections and elements in this article.
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