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MultiView control in ASP.Net 2.0

By Satheesh babu
Posted On Feb 17,2008
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MultiView control in ASP.Net 2.0

In ASP.Net 1.x, we use Panel controls to hide and show a group of controls. Refer figure 1 and 2 for complete picture of the requirement. Controls in figure 1 is packed in a Panel control and the controls in figure 2 is packed in another Panel control so that it can be made visible or invisible based on some business rule. ASP.Net 2.0 comes with a couple of new controls called Multiview control and View control to do this task easily. Let us explore how to use the Multiview controls here.




1) Drag a Multiview control from the tool box.

2) Drag as View control into the Multiview control.

3) Drag as many web controls you want to group into the view control.

4) Repeat the step 2 and 3 to add as many groups of controls you want to add.


The HTML will look like,


<asp:MultiView ID="mvTabs" runat="server">

    <asp:View ID="vwTab1" runat="server">


              //Web Controls and Content here



     <asp:View ID="vwTab2" runat="server">


              //Web Controls and Content here              





MultiView control has a method called SetActiveView(),which takes a View id as parameter and set the view as current View.So to make vwTab1 as active View,





Download the code and open “Default.aspx” to see Multiview in action.


MultiView as Wizard


In the Same way we can use Multiview and View control to create wizard type input as you see in the figure 3 and 4.

Fig 3,

Fig 4,



Say View1 has First Name and LastName field.View2 has Address1,Address2 field.On Click of  Next we can save the data and enable View2 like,


//Code for Saving the data



Same way on click of Finish,again save the address data and do whatever the action you want to perform.The back button again makes the View1 as active by setting,





Download the code and open WizardWithMultiView.aspx to see wizard working.


Download Source:

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