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New to ASP.NET? Here’s the Simplest Code You Can Execute

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It’s safe to say that with coding, we all have to start somewhere. To the absolute novice, ASP.NET can seem pretty confusing at first. However, once you have the right tools installed and a few handy tutorials to hand, there really are no limits to what you can create and run.

You could create your own websites, time-saving online apps, or interactive UI. You could find a new way to show off rummy games online to a whole new audience. Crucially, ASP.NET is massively versatile, and if you’re unsure where to start with it all, it’s worth looking at a few basic commands and ideas.

Therefore, let’s take a look at one of the simplest codes you can set up and execute right now.

 Set Up Visual Studio First

The best way to really get into ASP .NET is through Microsoft’s Visual Studio. You can download a community version of the interface for free. Once running the program, make sure to choose ASP .NET from the available programs and suites to install.

It’s also worth selecting.NET desktop, too, as both come in useful. Follow the process to install, and you’re already on your way to start coding.

 Build a First Project

Open up Visual Studio once fully installed and launch a project from the file and new tabs. Then, make sure to scroll down to ‘Web’ in the left-hand column, and choose ‘ASP .NET Web Application’. From here, be sure to name your project – anything you desire – and then select ‘ok’ to proceed.

Select the ‘empty’ template and ‘web forms’ from the next screen, before choosing ‘ok’ once more. That will then allow you to see your project in a neat list of ‘solutions’.

 Creating a Form and Running Your Code

To actually create the form you need to set as a foundation for this first application, you’re going to need to right-click your project and choose ‘web form’. Then, as you may expect, you’re going to need to label it, and once again, choose ‘ok’.

This is where we get to the interesting part – actually putting in the code. The most basic code you could put into this type of form is a text display. So, let’s give it a try.

To display text, make sure to look for the <body> section of the HTML and insert <%Response.Write(“Test”); %> in between the <div> and </div> dividers.

Then, close the editor and run your solution in the program. You’ll see the word ‘Test’ open up in a new window! It really is that simple.

 Start Coding

ASP .NET is a fantastic resource for building websites and web apps from scratch. To make the most of the UI, you are going to need to learn a little more about HTML, of course.

However, we hope this guide has helped to show you how simple it is to get code up and running and to start building your own web software.