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Hosting or Deploying Asp.Net MVC site in Godaddy Shared Hosting


Many times, we want to deploy our Asp.Net sites in external hosting provider’s such as Godaddy, hostinger, etc. Most of us are very well aware of deploying our sites in a windows server where we could use IIS manager to deploy our sites.

When we have website developed by us for some personal use, we cannot afford buying a dedicated server ourselves and maintain it. It is also costlier even if we think of renting a dedicated servers in any of the hosting providers including the above mentioned ones. So, the only way is going for a cheap shared hosting provider’s such as Godaddy. These hosting providers has plans ranging from as low as $4 or 199 rupees. The problem with such shared hosting are there will be many restriction on deployment where we cannot access the server directly since it is shared by many others(sites). So, these hosting provider will give us a very restricted web base control panel to host out site i.e. a web based hosting.

In this little video tutorial, we will see how we can host our ASP.Net website by purchasing a starter shared hosting plan and deploy our ASP.Net MVC site.

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Please watch the video tutorial below.