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How to Stream Music from PC/Desktop/NAS HardDrive to Amazon Alexa

In the digital era, we all have home assistants such as Alexa, Google Home in our homes for playing our favourite music, for managing home automation tasks and also use it as a digital companion that can engage in a natural conversation with us. These smart assistants have integration with variety of online streaming services for playing music based on our geographical locations. We call these integrations as Skills similar to what we call apps for smart phone platforms

Alexa, the Amazon’s own smart assistant has integration with many streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Spotify, Gaana, etc to stream music. At times, we will be interested to play music from our collection of music in our hard drive. There are no easy way of streaming these music to Alexa easily. Here, we will see how to use Home Media server application called PLEX to stream music from our hardrive to Alexa.

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