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5 Tips on How to Use Twitter Effectively for Your IT Career

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Twitter is a popular social media network with a specific goal. It provides information in small and digestible chunks, which are easily shareable. With this, every business understands the importance of using Twitter as a marketing tool. Therefore, they will demand a twitter account for sale.


On the other hand, it is an excellent choice for individuals willing to secure their careers. With Twitter being a powerful tool for sharing news, it can help you. In this post, we share five tips on how to use this network for your IT career.


Showcase your skills

When you want to jump-start a fruitful career, you should rather think of it as promoting your personal brand. By positioning yourself as a brand, you will look more attractive in the eyes of recruiters and managers. 


Building a solid network and being present is a way to increase your visibility. This can be completed by commenting on posts within the IT industry. You would want to follow the significant companies in this sector, and don't mind bringing out your ideas in the comments. Who knows, one day you might become a part of their team. 


When it comes to posting tweets, it would be best to share your skills in small chunks of digestible information. The principle is the same as teasing the customers to promote the product. Within a week, share short tweets showcasing your skills and achievements. 


Share visuals

Photos get three times more engagement on Twitter, so you would want to use this opportunity to be seen. Sharing your accomplishments through pictures is an excellent way to catch people's attention. However, there is one thing to keep in mind. Entertaining images shouldn't be your priority when posting. Make sure to keep it looking professional and within the career topic. Sharing infographics is an excellent way to stand out among the crowd and position yourself as the expert you are. Or, share your valuable tips on specific topics. When sharing photos of yourself, it is essential to keep in mind a few aspects. Make sure to avoid inappropriate t-shirt logos or tattoos that look unprofessional. Ensure the photos are high quality and have excellent light. 


Customize your profile

Branding your posts is an excellent way to stand out and be recognized. Therefore, you can use the same color for all posts. Also, don't forget to add a nice cover photo that matches your industry. The profile picture should also be a high-quality one, so make sure to avoid blurry images. 


Use proper hashtags

Using hashtags will enhance your post's visibility. However, a hashtag isn't just a random word you will write to make your post appear fancier. You can perform research to check which are the most popular hashtags at the moment. However, it is essential not to go overboard with them. It would be tempting to add a long list of hashtags to get maximum visibility, but this doesn't work in your favor. Instead, opt for two to three relevant hashtags. This is enough to get you noticed. 


Don't go overboard with promotion

Even though your Twitter account is meant to promote you as a professional in the IT industry, it is important not to sound like an advertisement. Make sure to keep only 20% of the posts as self-advertisement. The rest should be informative or helpful posts that will be of interest. You can check the profile of other professionals to grasp the concept. See how they are sharing events or maybe talking about general topics within the industry. Along these posts, you might find something that promotes them as an expert.