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Streaming Media Contents and VPNs

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Distribution Rights

The reason why movies and series are not shown at the same time as in their original countries is because of distribution rights. They are distributed by the companies that created them as well as the distributors in other countries who have been given those rights.

While this is frustrating for those who have seen shows hyped up on the internet, and for whom the internet is about to ruin those contents, it’s an unavoidable aspect of the industry.

It’s not easy to get access to a released content without piracy. But series that are released on networks with streaming websites, as well as Netflix content, can be accessed if you get past geo-blocking.

Welcome to Geo-Blocking

You'd think that companies like Netflix and Amazon would have a vested interest in their subscribers being able to access any content, no matter where they are in the world. The more content, the more loyal subscribers. And that might have once been true.

But due to an increased emphasis from global broadcasting companies on distribution copyrights, they've been forced to put an emphasis on geo-blocking.

For years, it was easy to bypass geo-blocking content with a VPN, but a couple of years ago Netflix started blocking the use of the service through a VPN. Other companies quickly followed suit.

They did a relatively good job on it, as well, with many popular VPN providers suddenly losing a major selling point. However, some VPN services, such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN,  have managed to bypass the block and still work. This is very useful if you're outside the US and UK, but even if you live in a country in which most content is available, there are many shows that Netflix et al show in other countries which are blocked by their local network.

Networks like HBO also have streaming services that you can subscribe to if you live in the US. By using a VPN, as well as using an American address when you register, you can get your favourite contents before you lose the chance to experience it without knowing all the twists before they happen.



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