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Tagged as 'entity framework'

Calling Stored Procedures from Entity Framework Code First
At times, we may need to call stored procedures when using Entity Framework Code First in Asp.Net MVC applications. This simple article will help us..Read more

Entity Framework Asp.Net MVC

Upload CSV (other Delimiter-Separated) Files to Sql Server in Asp.Net MVC - Using EF Code First
We might need to import data from a Demiliter-Separated text files like csv into a Sql Server table from our application. The LINQtoCSV package is..Read more

Entity Framework Asp.Net MVC Code First

Create CSV, Tab-Separated and Other Delimiter-Separated Files (Flat Files) in Asp.Net MVC
Very often, we will have requirements to develop a feature that allows users to export data to various text file formats like csv, tab-separated,..Read more

Entity Framework Asp.Net MVC LINQ