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Introduction to Asp.Net Identity
Asp.Net Identity is a newly designed, built from scratch system that addresses all the problems of current web. It is designed to make it the next..Read more

Asp.Net Asp.Net Core OWIN

Get User Details from Active Directory in Asp.Net MVC
Let’s build a profile page to display the user details fetched from Active directory when using Forms Authentication with AD. We will use Galactic..Read more

Asp.Net Asp.Net MVC

Forms Authentication Using Active Directory Users in Asp.Net MVC (Without using Providers)
Sometimes, we may need to authenticate users against Active Directory when using Form Based authentication using LDAP. Let’s see how to authenticate..Read more

Asp.Net Asp.Net MVC

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Adding Asp.Net WebForms into Asp.Net MVC Project and Vice Versa
There are situations when you will need to mix Asp.Net WebForms into a MVC project or vice versa. Let’s assume you are developing a new Asp.Net MVC..Read more

Asp.Net Asp.Net MVC

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Creating Our First OWIN Based Application
In the previous article, we have learned the basics of OWIN specification and the benefits it is adding to Microsoft’s web stack frameworks. In this..Read more

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