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Visual Studio
NuGet is a Visual Studio 2010 extension that makes it easy to add, remove, and update libraries and tools in Visual Studio projects that use the .NET Framework. We will see more about this plugin in this article.
This article explains how to create a usercontrol with a Smart Tag(Task List) attached to it.
Most of the times, you may have to display XML data in your WPF applications. Traditionally, you might use XML plug-ins offered by ADO.NET. But, LINQ is the mantra now. Using LINQ to XML, it is much easier and fun to bind your WPF controls and perform data binding as a new fashion.
This article explains how to optimize your XAML markup to speed up your WPF applications.
When building any application, the chances are that the application will have to be deployed. This article by Maarten Balliauw describes how you can deploy and host an ASP.NET MVC application in an Internet Information Server (IIS6 and IIS7) platform.
The introduction of jQuery library made the client scripting faster and simpler in the world of web development. Moving forward, we will see how to attach event handlers to dynamically inserted html contents.
It will be good and user-friendly if we provide a feature where users can know the username availability in a registration forms. For example, if you see Gmail registration form there will be button called “check availability!” which will help users to find if their desired username is available.
In this article I would try to summarize few tips for using jQuery with ASP.NET (MVC) applications. These tips will related to following areas in jQuery coding,extensibility, design, Ajax features, testing, performance , debugging and errorhandling.
There will be requirements where we need to rotate the text ads or links in an ASP.Net page. For example, to provide features like news or stock ticker for our websites we need to basically rotate news texts or links at equal intervals.