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In the present article we will learn something about the available Silverlight Controls.Silverlight Controls basically can be divided into: Layout Controls, Input Controls, Media Controls and Other Controls.
To set a .Net application as a screen saver, you get the assembly built, change the .EXE file into .SCR file and store it in the windows/system32 folder. Ensure that you have resources available (like picture files) in the right path.This article illustrates the creation of a screen saver using WPF 3D Geometry model.
This article explains the creation of a Music Video Box using Windows Presentation Foundation 3D Geometry and Media classes to play music albums as chosen by the user.
This article by Jayaram Krishnaswamy introduces the reader accustomed to working with the traditional graphic user interface in earlier versions of VB to Windows Presentation Foundation. Importantly, it introduces the reader to the XAML's declarative format and what it means in the design interface of VS 2008.
This article is a sequel to the previous artile that shows how to perform binding to inline XML data using XLINQ objects. In this part, we discuss how to bind to an XML file using XLINQ objects and details out a sample application.
Extension method is a new feature introduced in C# 3.0. It is a feature where we can add new methods to an existing type without modifying the original source and recompiling it.
The Numeric Converter allows you to convert a number of any bases to another base.
This article demonstrates using the windows API FileOpen Dialog to get a user's file selection.
Arrays are an extremely important part of any programmer's code library. There are static and dynamic arrays. This article discusses these two types of arrays and includes examples of each.