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SOA is an architectural design pattern by which several guiding principles determine the nature of the design. Basically, SOA states that every component of a system should be a service, and the system should be composed of several loosely-coupled services.WCF is the acronym for Windows Communication Foundation. It is Microsoft's latest technology that enables applications in a distributed environment to communicate with each other. Read more...
This article explains how to perform JSON serialization/deserialization of WCF DataContract attributed object using DataContractJsonSerializer class.
The following article will discuss on the common errors and warning that we face when using BizTalk and their resolutions.
It is a free tool offered by Microsoft that automates the process of preparing the web development environment. It can be thought as some sort of download manager but WebPI as such is functionally more than that. Apart from downloading the packages, it even takes care of installing it with their dependencies and also configuring it. Read more..