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This article explains how to consume a Web Service in WPF Windows application. It requires binding of WPF controls to data coming from a web service.
This article shows how to call web service methods in a client-side javascript using XmlHttp object.
We use Javascript whenever we need to do some clientside operations in There are so many operations which we repeatedly use in our applications. This article will list some of the repeated Javascript utilities, which we can use in our application.
Whenever we build any web applications it can have requirements to work with popup windows most of the time. This article will help you understand some of tasks that we do more often with popup windows.
Roi Kolbinger, SharePoint Consultant for KWizCom Professional Services explains how to discover the Id of the next list item.
Roi Kolbringer of KWizCom Professional Services shows readers how to use Java Script to take radio button custom field choices from the norm in MOSS – vertical, to horizontal.
KwizCom's VP R&D Shai Petel makes complex SharePoint issues – simple. Here he explains how to skip SharePoint spell check for an input control.
KWizCom's VP R&D, Shai Petel explains how to handle a baffling error familiar to most SharePoint developers. Shai Petel is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Technology Specialist. He is also the main contributor to the KWizCom CRM SharePoint blog