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Make Asp.Net MVC Clientside(jquery.validate.js) Form Validation Error Message Accessible
In this article, let us understand how to make the input form validation error message accessible to screen reader users. ..Read more

Asp.Net MVC Asp.Net Accessibility

Create Accessible TextArea Character Counter in Asp.Net MVC Using jQuery
we will have TextArea for getting user comments in the form of multiline texts in input forms. It is necessary to inform users about the text length..Read more

Asp.Net MVC Asp.Net jQuery Accessibility

Accessible RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList in Asp.Net MVC-Section 508 Compliance and ADA Compliance
Let’s understand how to make RadioButtonList and CheckBoxList elements accessible, i.e. let’s make the label and individual option’s label of these..Read more

Asp.Net MVC Asp.Net Accessibility

Creating Accessible Input Forms in Asp.Net MVC - Section 508 Compliance and ADA Compliance
Making web accessible to disabled people requires our web application should be accessible to various assistive technologies like screen readers, etc..Read more

Asp.Net MVC Asp.Net Accessibility

Create Multi Language WebSite in Asp.Net MVC – Localization
.Net Framework and Asp.Net has localization support using resources files which helps us to localize the views and thus preventing the need to build..Read more