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Quick Start Guides

A list of brief guides to kickstart learning a topic! For example, it helps you to quickly understand a technology or language or a product, etc.

What is Gulp? How to Use Gulp?
Gulp is yet another tool from open source community to automate repetitive tasks in web development like bundling and minifying scripts and style..Read more

What is Entity Framework Code First Migration? A Beginners Guide
Until, EF 4.3, the only way to manage the database creation from Code First model is using the Database initializers. EF 4.3 released a special tool..Read more

What is Dependency Injection? How to use this Pattern in Asp.Net MVC?
Dependency Injection is a well-known design pattern to create loosely coupled components. The Dependency Injection commonly called DI pattern helps..Read more

Learn Asynchronous Programming (async, await) in C# in 10 Minutes
Asynchronous programming is simplified so much with the release of .NetFramework 4.5 which introduced async and await keywords to write asynchronous..Read more

What is .Net Standard? How it is different from .Net Core and Portable Class Library?
.Net Standard is a specification which dictates what the Base Class Libraries of different .Net platforms should implement to enable code sharing and..Read more