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How to Convert a Web Page, Word Document and Excel Sheet to PDF Without Installing any Software?

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Many times, we will come across a need to convert a web page or a word document or an excel sheet to pdf file. This simple article will help you to convert to pdf file without installing any additional software.

Converting a Web Page to PDF Document

We can convert any webpage to pdf document with Google Chrome Browser. Follow the steps mentioned below to convert a webpage to pdf file.

  1. Open Google Chrome Browser and visit the web page you need to convert.

  2. Click Print.. from the Chrome menu or simply press Ctrl+P.

  3. This will bring the Chrome’s Print window. Click “Change…” button under Destination. This will bring a printer management dialogue as seen below. Click “Save as PDF” seen under “Local destinations” section.

Convert Web Page or HTML to PDF file in Google Chrome

  1. Click Save button again. This will bring the “Save As” dialogue. Select a location to save the pdf file.

  2. That’s it. You are done!

Convert Microsoft Word Document/ Excel Sheet to PDF File


  1. Open the word document/excel sheet you want to convert as pdf file.

  2. Go to File > Save As and select a location to save your pdf file.

  3. Change the “Save as type:” to PDF (*.pdf) as seen in below image.

  1. Click Save Button. That’s it! You are done.