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Report Caching

By Selva kumar
Posted On Mar 17,2008
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Category: Reporting Services
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Report Caching

Report Caching is used to improve performance

There are 2 types of caching:

Temporary Cached Report:

·          Copy of report in intermediate format stored in the ReportServerTempDB Database.

·          Copy is rendered in the desired format when report is requested.

·          It is cached on first use.

·          Cached copy expires by a predetermined method.

Snapshot Report:

 Is a form of cached report. These reports are built and stored in the Report Server Database in the intermediate format on a predefined schedule and not upon user request.


Report can not be set up to be cached IF:

·          Credentials are not stored

·          Data Source credentials can not be set to prompt or integrated

·          Report Parameter is set to Prompt User

Report will not pull from the cache IF:

·          Report Parameter Changes

·          Report Definition Changes

·          Data Source Credentials Change

·          Cache Options change

Changing report layout or data source does not affect the saved snapshots

By default, cached reports are saved in ReportServerTempDB

It can be stored in the filesystem, too (saves server round-trips. Only useful for Remote catalogs.)

·          This can be configured in RSReportServer.config file

·          WebServiceUseFileShareStorage

<Add Key="WebServiceUseFileShareStorage" Value="true" />

·          WindowsServiceUseFileShareStorage


·          FileShareStorageLocation


Default Location : C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\MSSQL.instance\Reporting Services\RSTempFiles

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This posting konkecd my socks off
This posting konkecd my socks off