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IIS7 - Few things to be known and to be remembered

By Rakki Muthukumar
Posted On Feb 20,2008
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Category: IIS
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IIS7 - Few things to be known and to be remembered

Thought of posting this entry which would give some changes that are in IIS7 compared to IIS6, and also few new stuffs introduced in IIS7.


 Kernel Mode SSL

Now, the SSL working in the Kernel mode is going to be the default. This existed in IIS6 (with SP1), but it wasn't the default option. You can read about this with IIS6 here. Check out Sukesh's blog for more on this.


Kernel-mode Windows Authentication

In IIS7, the authentication would happen in the kernel-mode by default. Below is an informational message from the IIS manager UI when you click on the "Advanced Settings.." for the Windows Authentication.

"By default, IIS enables kernel-mode authentication, which may improve authentication performance and prevent authentication problems with application pools configured to use a custom identity. As a best practice, do not disable this setting if Kerberos authentication is used in your environment and the application pool is configured to use a custom identity." 


Static Compression is enabled by default

You would note that by default, the static compression is enabled.


 Problems with the new FTP7 if the Shared Configuration is enabled

If you try to install the new FTP7 server on IIS7 server which has the shared configuration turned on, you would end up seeing the below:


This is because, during the installation, it would need to write into the files in /config folder. On a Shared configuration the installer may not be able to connect to the network share and write into it, hence not supported. As the above warning says, you must disable the shared configuration for now, install the new FTP7 server and re-enable the shared configuration for IIS7.

Happy Learning!


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