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IIS7 - making Forms Authentication to work for all the requests

By Rakki Muthukumar
Posted On Feb 20,2008
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Category: IIS

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IIS7 - making Forms Authentication to work for all the requests

If you were following all the news about IIS7, you would have heard that you can now plug-in ASP.NET Forms Authentication in the main integrated pipeline. Few of my colleagues, other friends tried doing this and claimed that it didn't work as expected. It is just protecting only the ASP.NET pages and they believe Forms Authentication is not in the integrated pipeline.

Are they correct? They are and they are not. They are correct in saying that Forms Authentication only comes for the ASP.NET pages, but they are in-correct for believing Forms Authentication is in the integrated pipeline.

By default, even if you enable Forms Authentication, you would see that it just works for ASP.NET pages. That is just because, FormsAuthentication module has the preCondition as "managedHandler" meaning, it would be invoked only for a managed request (ASP.NET). You would see the below by default in the applicationHost.config.

<add name="FormsAuthentication" type="System.Web.Security.FormsAuthenticationModule" preCondition="managedHandler" />

So, if you want to enable the Forms Authentication to work for all the requests, you got to remove that preCondition. To enable, select "Modules" for your website on IIS manager. Right click on "FormsAuthentication" module and click on Edit. You would see the below:


Uncheck "Invoke only for requests to ASP.NET applications or managed handlers". Now, you would see that Forms Authentication is working for all the requests to your website.

Read more about this here.

Hope this helps!


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    Hi Philip, Conversel
    Hi Philip, Conversely, the iPhone is a great user experience. My only prolbem when I tested it was that it couldn't make it through the Java-based authentication, nor could the Blackberry from what other posters described. The first breakthrough was when my colleague and friend, Gene De Libero let me try logging in with his Android. It worked! BUT I did not like the service it used so I waited for the pairing up of a better service with either an iPhone or Android that might work. The wait was worth it. I think that anyone who needs to regularly access sites with logins of this nature and is often traveling or multi-tasking their work and learning online will seriously consider this choice (or anything else that is similar). I hope that schools will catch up with this wave of innovation and its associated user need to provide greater support for mobile learners (and their teachers;-)