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One of my previous article Building Collapsible Panel Control using jQuery in ASP.Net Page discussed the basics of collapsible panel and building a simple collapsible panel with jQuery in an page. The collapsible panel in my previous article will be fully loaded with the contents when the page is intially rendered to the client. It will be better and light weight when we actually load the contents of the panels only when the user clicks the expand arrow button, a lazy loading or loading
jQuery is a light weight javascript library which provides fast and easy way of HTML DOM traversing and manipulation, event handling, client side animations, etc. One of the greatest features of jQuery is, it supports an efficient way to implement AJAX applications because of its light weight nature. Read more in this article..
Repeater control is one of the light weight control when compared to the other databound controls. It provides more flexibility on the layout of data displayed and the control itself will not render any additional HTML like GridView and DataList control do. Repeater control as such will not provide edit/update functionalities for the data. In this article, we will overcome this difficulty and provide an edit update feature similar to GridView control using the powerful jQuery library and Ajax.
One of my previous article Building Cascading DropDownList in ASP.Net Using jQuery and JSON discussed about constructing cascading DropDownList control using jQuery and JSON. One of the user [Shah] has commented that his requirement was to populate a RadioButtonList instead of a child DropDownList control. Read more..
It is a technique where we can provide expand/collapse feature to a section of page. Technically, it is nothing but providing expand/collapse feature to a DIV element. So, a page with lengthy content can make use of this feature to display only less content and show the full content on demand.
There will be situations where we need to display a tabular data to users in ASP.Net application. We will see how this can be addressed with jQuery and JSON to build a tabular data display in ASP.Net page. Well, this can be done with the help of a jQuery plug-in called jTemplate.
Cascading DropDownList is a technique where we populate a child DropDownList based on the parent DropDownList selection. In this article, we will see how to build this using jQuery and JSON.
In the first part of this two part series we learned that AJAX methods provided by jQuery can help us to load data in several different formats from the server without a page refresh.
In recent years, it has become common to judge sites based on their use of specific technologies. One of the most prominent buzzwords used to describe new web applications is AJAX-powered. This label has been used to mean many different things, as the term encompasses a group of related capabilities and techniques. This is covered in a two part series.
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