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Search in Generic List in C#
Submitted By Satheesh Babu B
On 12/3/2008 6:21:49 AM
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Search in Generic List<T> in C#


Sometimes, we will have requirements to search for an object in a Generic List<T>.


For example, List<Customer> collection will have a collection of Customer objects. To a search a Customer object from collection we can use the new feature called Predicate delegate.


The below code snippet will search the customer based on a ID and returns that Customer object from the Collection.



List<Customer> cuslist1 = new List<Customer>();

        Customer cus1 = new Customer();

        cus1.ID = 1;

        cus1.Name = "Fatima";

        cus1.Age = 23;



        Customer cus2 = new Customer();

        cus2.ID = 2;

        cus2.Name = "Evangeline";

        cus2.Age = 24;



        Customer cus3 = new Customer();

        cus3.ID = 3;

        cus3.Name = "Damien";

        cus3.Age = 27;



        Customer cus4 = new Customer();

        cus4.ID = 4;

        cus4.Name = "Cameroon";

        cus4.Age = 21;



        Customer cus5 = new Customer();

        cus5.ID = 5;

        cus5.Name = "Babu";

        cus5.Age = 20;




        Customer cusTemp = cuslist1.Find(delegate(Customer _cus)


                if (_cus.ID == 4)


                    return true;


                return false;





In the above code, i have searched the customer with ID as 4. You can add your own filteration or criteria in the Find() method to find a object in generic list.


The above code uses Anonymous delegate. Follow the link to read more about  Delegates and Anonymous methods in C#

Do you have a working code that can be used by anyone? Submit it here. It may help someone in the community!!

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