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How to create URL's without extension in ASP.Net ? A Extensionless URL in ASP.Net or ASP.Net Page without .aspx extension.
Submitted By Satheesh Babu B
On 12/26/2009 1:51:15 AM
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How to create URL's without extension in ASP.Net ?


By default, any web url will be mapped to a specific resource in our webserver. Hence, whenever a page or a resource is requested the webserver will find the file and do the neccessary things to render the requested page back to the user. It will be good and will additional advantages when we decouple the URL and the physical files in the webserver, something like extensionless URL or a URL that is self describing without the use of querystrings, ids, etc. 

Developing website pages without extension can be achieved by various ways. The advantage of this approach is we can create URL's that are more self descriptive and search engine friendly.

For example, a url like this is http://localhost/Shopping/electronics/show/mobiles is more self descriptive than http://localhost/Shopping/productlist.aspx?CatID=12343


This URL will describe itself what the page is offering and also it is easy to remember.


Well, as i said earlier this can be achived by various ways like URLRewritiing module, etc. ASP.Net 2.0 answers this through a technique called URLMapping where we can map some url formats to specific page. Read this article URL Mapping in ASP.Net 2.0 to know more.


Microsoft released a new feature called Routing that addressed all the aspects of this features through its release of ASP.Net MVC framework. Microsoft latter shipped this feature (System.Web.Routing namespace) with .Netframework 3.5 SP1 to work with normal application.


Read the below article to know more,

Search Engine Friendly URL's Using Routing in ASP.Net 3.5

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