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How to stop Searchprotocolhost.exe on WindowsXP?
Submitted By Gaurav Arora
On 8/27/2009 7:48:16 AM
Tags: Interview Questions,Windows XP  

Problem:How to stop Searchprotocolhost.exe on WIndowsXP?

Sol: Searchprotocolhost.exe is one of the reason to make your system slow. Following are the step(s) to stop this and make system fast.

1. Click Start -> Run or Press Windows + R

2. Type services.msc and press 'Ok' or click 'Enter'

3. Scroll down to find 'Windows Search' and double click

4. Stop the process Another step to disable it from Startup:

5. Reapeat step number 1

6. Type 'msconfig' and press 'Ok' or click 'Enter'

7. Click on 'Startup' tab

8. Uncheck 'Windows Search' checkbox

9. Click Ok. Restart your system.

To verify : Open your TaskManager by pressing 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' and locate for Searchprotocolhost.exe in process tab.

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