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"The external credentials in the SSO database are more recent"
Submitted By Lara Kroft
On 7/20/2009 8:35:31 AM
Tags: Interview Questions,BizTalk  


An error of this form appears while trying to start/delete/restart the BizTalk application in Administration console:

"Could not store transport type data for Receive Location 'Recv.Loc' to config store. Primary SSO Server 'Sql-server' failed. The external credentials in the SSO database are more recent."

Error details are:

Function: SetConfigInfo
Tracking ID: df1dd0b0-c9d5-4012-bb97-336aa8df78b3
Client Computer: (mmc.exe:1884)
Client User: BTS06-PLATFORM\Administrator
Application Name: {D2241406-0767-4C13-98EB-43EECE80F8A0}
Error Code: 0xC0002A40, The external credentials in the SSO database are more recent.


This error arises when the system date is not correct.

·         Run the following query in SSODB database.

select dateadd(m,-1,ec_timestamp),* from SSODB..SSOX_ExternalCredentials
where datediff(m,ec_timestamp,getdate())<>0

select dateadd(year,-1,ec_timestamp),* from SSODB..SSOX_ExternalCredentials
where datediff(year,ec_timestamp,getdate())<>0

·         If any rows are retrieved then there has been some changes in the system date. Run the following query in case any rows are retrieved in the first case.

update SSODB..SSOX_ExternalCredentials set  ec_timestamp = dateadd(m,-1,ec_timestamp) where datediff(m,ec_timestamp,getdate())<>0

update SSODB..SSOX_ExternalCredentials set  ec_timestamp = dateadd(year,-1,ec_timestamp) where datediff(year,ec_timestamp,getdate())<>0

·         Now restart Host Instances and continue with the application.



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