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What is Windows Workflow Foundation(WWF)?
Submitted By Shiv koi
On 2/24/2009 8:00:47 AM
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What is Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF) ?

WWF is a programming model for building workflow-enabled applications on windows. System. Workflow namespace has all the necessary modules to develop any type of workflow.

 What is a Workflow?

A Workflow is a set of activities, which is stored as model and they depict a process.  Below figure depicts clearly the difference between Workflow and Activity. Every task is an activity and group of activity depicts a complete workflow. Workflow is run by the Workflow runtime engine.

WWF - Windows Workflow Foundation  

Workflow model can be written in pure .NET code, pure XAML or Mix of XAML and .NET Code. A workflow model is compiled and can execute under windows, ASP.NET, Web services or windows services application.

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